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Dutz glasses for denim lovers

Dutz jeans eyeglasses Netherlands is the land of windmills, clogs, tulips and … jeans! Nowhere else can you see so many jeans in the street as here. Dutz can as eyewear brand homegrown these people love denim not pass to him. Therefore, especially for all takers: Glasses that have the look and feel of this sturdy fabric!

Jeans are in our genes Jeans fit well with the informal garment culture and sober national character of our country. Almost everyone has lying jeans or other denim clothing in the closet. Since 2012 there has even found a real Jean School in Amsterdam and Dutch denim brand G-Star win slowly but surely the world. Therefore Dutz feels like traditional Dutch brand high time under the motto “Jeans are in our genes’ visualize this love in a special denim collection.

Dutz Denim In the collection of modern denim trends are combined with old-fashioned craftsmanship. The spectacle frames are made of metal and acetate. The denim look plays in each design the lead, but the variation in shape and color each frame has its own character. Sometimes sober and tough sometimes just elegant. Each with their own style, so Dutz!


Source http://www.pastooroptiek.nl/site/brillen/Dutz%20brillen%20voor%20denimlovers.20077888.html

Mural Jeans

Material: Paper. Basic: Blue. Decor / design: geometrically. Areas: Living Room, Bedroom, Corridor / hall. Dimensions: 368 x 254 cm. Brand: Komar. recommended adhesive: Wallpaper paste is included in the package. Designation: The photo wallpaper consists of 8 parts., The motives for photo wallpaper cannot be processed continuously. All the pictures wallpaper is produced separately. Characteristics: Very good light resistance.



All designs are created so that they can betrimmed on all sides without losing the overalleffect.

Please note:

We make every effort to ensure that the products we ship are perfect by performing specific quality checks. Slight colour differences may occur for technical reasons. Please lay out the design and check for colour variations before affixing. We cannot accept liability for defects found once the mural has been affixed.

1.Surface preparation

The surface must be clean, smooth and free of grease. Sand off oil-based paint, remove wallpaper residue and rough surfaces, and fill holes and cracks. The surface must be absorbent to ensure that the photomural dries thoroughly.


2. Paste preparation

Use the wallpaper paste provided (40 g in 1litre of water or 60 g in 1.5 litres of water).


3. Marking the wall

As many walls are not perfectly square, we recommend affixing from the centre of the wall outwards. To do this, mark horizontal and vertical guidelines in the centre of the wall using a spirit level and plumb line.


  1. Photomural preparation

Carefully apply paste to the sheet with even strokes. Pay particular attention to the edges. Important: allow each sheet to absorb the paste for 3 minutes, and do not lay one sheet on top of another once paste has been applied.


  1. Affixing

Apply sheet 2 (for 4-part photomurals) or sheet 4 (for 8-part photomurals) along the guidelines and press it onto the wall with a clean, soft cloth or a soft roller. Smooth out air bubbles from the centre outwards. Allow each sheet to overlap by 2-3 mm. Dab away paste residue on the mural immediately with a damp sponge.


For best results, the mural must dry slowly. With this in mind, work at a room temperature of approx. 18-20°C and avoid draughts (moderate heating in winter, keep windows shut). Once dry, trim any excess with a utility knife.


Source https://www.hornbach.nl/

Denim art

Detail Japanese Boro coat. Boro textiles were made in the late 19th and early 20th century by impoverished Japanese people from reused indigo-dyed cotton rags. Never intented to be viewed as a thing of beauty they just are amazingly beautiful, patched and sewn piece-by-piece, handed down from generation to generation they became objects of desire because of their beauty , history and soul.


Source https://nl.pinterest.com/

DIY Jeans project.

Do you have some old useless jeans? Do you have some old chairs or sofa’s? Do you think you should throw them to the garbage? I don’t think so! You should try to decorate your old furniture with your old jeans and you will be amazed of the effect. Try this DIY Jeans project!

If you own an old sofa placed in your basement you can easily renovate it with old jeans. You can easily start your business renovating and selling those old furniture after you make them looks modern.


Source http://interestings.org/diy-furniture-renovation-jeans/

Stats for Architectural Shoulder Pads.

Iekeline Stange dons some of the most glamorous garments in the latest issue of How To Spend It Magazine. Titled ‘Key Looks for Spring,’ this photoshoot will leave you yearning for sensational designs from haute couture collections. Lensed by Benjamin Lennox with styling by Damian Foxe, Iekeline Stange is outfitted in an array of styles that will suit any gal. From casual minimalist to avant-garde ensembles, each transformation is stunning. The editorial also covers romantic floral prints, bold color blocks and fiery, feathered features. Texture, volume and unconventional cuts are this season’s fashion must-haves.


Source http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/iekeline-stange


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