5 items about interior.

I love wall decorations. You now have beautiful wall decorations Ixxi.
If your cards and torque crosses are the ingredients for this wall decorations.
set your own image or choose from along their image bank. you have different themes such as art, photography, illustration & patterns, pixel, kids, disney, star wars.
For example, this Disney classic abc. 30 maps of 20 x 20 cm. 80 x 140 cm for 89, – Euro. Source from : http://www.ixxidesign.com


I love simple lamps with pure materials.
and this is once again in the black, it is quite beautiful.
Rope lamp made of genuine black dyed rope.With plug and switch.
E27, max 60W.Rope length of 450 cm long.
96 euros for this lamp.Available at HK Living.
source from :www.hkliving.nl/nl-NL/product-details/verlichting/touw-lamp-zwart/b12g2c1o1330/


A painted paneling off the cuff is a lot more playful than a ‘normal’ straight. And much faster! Paint the bottom of the wall to a height of about 120 centimeters. With the emphasis on some. Slice beautiful cards, clippings and other atmospheric light weights together on the wall. Combined with some Christmas decorations or Christmas-is the result, but not cliché. I‘m so in love with this trend right now. Who wants this are not at home. If I had a house. Was to find this especially in the living room.
Source: Photography Dennis Brandsma | Styling Fietje Bruijn


The cognac color is not very common color in the living room. While this color is so easy to combine with all kinds of colors and styles! Personally, I‘ve been a fan for years of the cognac color.


Rodeo sofa 3-seater Cognac BePureHome
The new series Rodeo BePureHome is modern, cool and contemporary. This 3-seater sofa is generous, provides ample seating and has a sturdy fabric, Recycled leather. Thanks to her slender frame and loose cushions the bank shows subtle in the living room. The legs are made of black metal. The seat height is 45 cm, the depth is 60 cm and the height of the armrests is 68 cm.

What is Recycle leather?
During the cutting of the patterns of the skins keep factories residue over. These residues are ground and this we create a new substance: Recycle leather. Recycle leather consists of 70% real leather and 30% polyester.
The fabric is composed of two materials: the underlayer consists of recycled genuine leather which allows for the natural and unique appearance. The leather is protected by a polyester cover layer, which prevents unevenness, and thus it becomes a solid substance combination.

The Recycle leather can not be treated with grease for leather. Recycle leather can be maintained as follows: with a damp cloth can clean the dust. you can use a mild soap solution to remove the stain with it in case of stains. After the removal of the stain decrease the fabric with a damp cloth.

Rodeo series consists of the three-seater, 2.5 seater sofa, chair / loveseat, Rodeo stool of 120×60, the eetbank and Rodeo dining chair.
This bench is supplied in separate elements. The elements to be connected can be easily with each other by means of brackets.

Source from : http://www.basiclabel.nl/banken-stoelen/banken-hockers/rodeo-bank-3-zits-cognac-bepurehome?utm_source=TradeTracker&utm_medium=CPS&utm_campaign=TT_BL&utm_content=157732
Source from : http://www.woontrendz.nl/liefde-voor-de-cognac-leren-bank/

In the battle for your bed to come to the door in the early morning you almost forget sometimes that your bathroom is the place to unwind. But somewhere between the stack of wet towels, sleeping wrinkles and winding beauty products is the haven there.


You need a place for your own stuff, so jet not feel like you stealing the products of your friend, wife or roommate. More than one drawer for yourself, get an empty shelf in a cabinet or claim another permanent place for your stuff. And it does not have to be a lot of space.

Invest in a dimmer switch for your lights, so bright fluorescent tube in the morning no one doing good.

You go to the bathroom to be clean, so your bathroom should feel like himself. Get natural light, allows closing the curtains on nice to your neighbors. If your bathroom light, spacious and tidy, you’ll really feel more at home.

Pamper yourself a little extra by atmospheric candles and putting a bunch of flowers in the bathroom. Nothing brightens you more before or after a long day.

Cold feet do a lot for your mood, and a soaking wet bathroom floor can generate the necessary irritations. therefore place a thi mat down next to the shower or bath and keep your feet off the floor.

Prevent your necessity and once again going to read the back of your shampoo bottle and place a stack of magazines or a good book down on the rim, or invest in a waterproof radio for the shower.

Source: http://www.elle.nl/lifestyle/wonen/6-manieren-om-je-badkamer-om-te-toveren-tot-een-oase-van-rust


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