Spring and summer trends 2016.

The new trends on my intership. The spring and summer trends in the Hornbach.
Here are a idea from the style with a picture and what the style is.

These four style are :

  • The graphic style
  • The botanical spirit style
  • The miami beache style
  • The new chic style


The graphic style.


Geometry meets conviviality: the design of the living world Graphic Style is based on diamonds, circles and squares a graphic repertoire for creative minds. The vertical and horizontal lines and angles of 90 ° give it a particular style. Zigzag patterns and chaotic, disorderly, colorful highlights with cushions, individual furniture and fabrics create strong contrasts. The red and blue accents in combination with wood and metal to create a young, lively atmosphere.

The botanical spirit style.


Living like in a greenhouse: the living world Botanical Spirit dive into the wonderful nature. The natural atmosphere makes sense to decorate and do desire the colors and patterns plants for vacation. This exotic trend is characterized by the colors of fruits, leaves, shrubs and steppe landscapes. The green walls and decoration with large leaves creates a botanical experience. In this natural atmosphere make everyone feel at home and the next holiday suddenly seems a lot closer!


The miami beach style.

The living world Miami Beach gives a feeling of pure joy this feeling is generated by the pastel-colored world of water, beach and idyllic holiday landscapes. Flamingos, tropical fruits interspersed with playful colors and graphic patterns brighten the living space and provide a fruity fresh atmosphere. The accent colors soft pink, turquoise and yellow summer colors with a high recreational value. The atmosphere follows the fashion all tropical botanic!

The new chic style.


The living world The New Chic stands for glamor and precious modesty. Cream, omber- and terra colors are the hype of the season and plush carpets, elegant windows and furniture in gold colors form a basis for elegant opulence. Shiny fabrics and surfaces, such as pillow that look like they are woven with copper wire, complete the metal look – the right atmosphere for elegant ladies and gentlemen!

Bron source: https://www.hornbach.nl/


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