Living Trends for 2016.

Livingtrend 1: Round and oval A trend which we can no longer ignore its forms the round in 2016. Round side tables to fun accessories and rugs. You can not name it, but this you will look back amply. Advantage where space is limited for round shapes take up less space and give your house quickly something extra. also bring soft shapes give more contrast and a playful nature in your interior.

Round table.
Oval table.

Livingtrend 2: Coarse knitted, woven and crocheted This residential trend you saw last year already take some form, but in 2016 this living trend will come back in, for example pillow knit, woven baskets to large beautiful crocheted rugs. So you have a wonderfully cozy feeling during the darker and colder months of the year.


Living Trend 3: More green plants In particular, do you see a lot of blue and green tones in 2016. Think of moss green and bottle green, dark and light blue tones often with greyish overtones. The metals such as copper, gold, tin / lead and platinum see. The natural shades are a counterpart of powder and livery but combine is beautiful. Botanical live and thus bring the outside to the inside remains a true trend, and then in particular on high legs.


Livingtrend 4: Ocher gold Each year, a color of the year is chosen by flexa, this has become the glamorous ocher color gold. The successor to copper orange.


Livingtrend 5: Powder and nude shades Colors: powder and nude shades. The soft pink color comes all the way back in 2016. And in particular, cuddly materials. Powder and skin colors combine beautifully with gold, copper and various shades of white and gray.


Livingtrend 6: Rose quartz and serenity. Each year, a color of the year is chosen by Pantone, this has not become one, but two. A pink shade called pink quartz and the other a soft blue color named serenity.


Source of  stijlvolstyling.


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