First day at my intership.

Friday, February 19, 2016 was the day my first training day. I am doing an internship at the Hornbach in Groningen. Personally, I am doing an internship at the deco department. The smallest section of the Hornbach, but big enough for me. At nine o’clock I started walking with internship. I first met my colleagues, where everything is and how everything works. Then I went to work. First I made bags of candy for the hunt last Saturday. Then I topped the leaflets on the department. Meanwhile, you also have some breaks on a day for fifteen minutes in the morning and half an hour between noon and fifteen minutes in the afternoon. In the time between pictures on the department for the retail of Hornbach. And the store to explore what is what and where I can find some. The most fun of me the first day of training was surely watch how to mix paint and even advise what color fit together for the interior. Also nice was that I learned how I can cut oilcloth. When it was soon at five and flip hour and it was six o’clock and time to go home and on to the next training day. Then again wondering what I will learn. Short for a fun and educational first day of training.


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